The Prime Minister and his Cabinet

Hon. Gaston Browne

Prime Minister

Ministry of Finance & Corporate Governance

Hon. Steadroy Benjamin

Ministry of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour

Hon. Molwyn Joseph

Ministry of Health, Wellness & The Environment

Hon. Samantha Marshall

Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development, Youth and Gender Affairs

Hon. Melford Nicholas

Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications & Information Technology

Hon. Samantha Marshall

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Fisheries and Barbuda Affairs

Hon. Maria Browne

Ministry of Housing,lands and Urban Renewal

Hon. Robin Yearwood

Ministry of Public Utilities, Civil Aviation and Energy

Hon. E.P. Chet Greene

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration

Hon. Charles Fernandez

Ministry of Tourism and Investment

Hon. Michael Browne

Ministry of Education, Science & Technology

Hon. Lennox Weston

Ministry of Works and Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance

Hon. Daryll Matthew

Ministry of Sports, Culture, National Festivals and the Arts